Throughout 2019 SHIFT ran a series of group residencies and exhibitions.

The SHIFT 2019 multidisciplinary artist group residencies & exhibitions were a way of bringing individual artists together in a shared space for a three week period to experiment with their individual art practices within a supportive communal environment. The residencies offered peer to peer support for artists as well as opportunities for collaboration and public engagement.

SHIFT shared studios is a continuation of the group artist residencies

A monthly rolling agreement with eleven artists, sharing a communal studio, R&D space within the SHIFT basement at the Capitol centre. In return for the shared space at SHIFT, the Resident artists can offer support to other artists & performers by hosting, curating & facilitating exhibitions, performances, short residencies & collaborations.

When studio space becomes available the vacant space will be offered to artists through an open call. The residents will decide collectively who will occupy the vacant space.

Current residents:

Rhiannon Lowe:

Abi Birkinshaw:

Jon Ruddick:

Rosey Brown:

Heledd C Evans

Alex Stevens:

Rebecca Jones:

Teddy Hunter:

Jake A Griffiths:

Tim Bromage:

SHIFT’S use of space at the Capitol centre is supported by vacant space project.