02/09/2021 – 12/09/2021

Thrumm: An exhibition of sound works, installations & performances by Leona Jones & Jon Ruddick.

Both artists will present solo pieces, as well as working collaboratively within the Shift space, creating installation & performance work, to be shared at Shift as well as online, including conversations & performances.

Leona Jones is multi-media practitioner Leona explores the hardly heard and underseen, the conscious and not-so-conscious to create events/performances and installations centred around language, voice, sound and spatiality.
Using field recordings, audio and site-responsiveness, as well as text, she actively seeks to highlight physicality and context.  Cross-disciplinary collaboration is central to her practice, and her work makes a concerted effort to reach into an audience‚Äôs imagination, encouraging their ability to listen.  She believes listening to be vital to any society.

Jon Ruddick is a sound artist based in Cardiff, Wales and is a member of art space Shift.

Thrumm is part of OpenSound((( )))ListeningSpace. OpenSound((( )))ListeningSpace is a regular series of exhibitions, listening events, residences and live performances supporting artists working in the medium of sound.