MIEDO TOTAL – ecolagbohrsac2021 – Beauty Parlour –

Friday 14th April 19:30

Power, Panic & Divinity in sound!

MIEDO TOTAL– Alexander Comana is a Welsh-Italian multidisciplinary artist and sound-designer working under the name Miedo Total. His work builds spaces and rituals through electronic manipulations that meander between instrumental acts of aggression and vocal torch songs. What results is a clash of folk horror, noise and operatic dramaturgy that explores themes of repression, obsession and superstition. As well as releasing a number of EPs, he has created work for National Theatre Wales and The National Gallery of Singapore. LINK

ENGLAND’S COUNCIL OF LEGISLATION AND GOVERNING BODY OF HYPER REAL SIMULATIONS AND CONSTRUCTS [a.k.a ecolagbohrac2021] is a multimedia [installation, live A/V , quantum research, fashion, crypto & ai] powerhouse, conceptually focusing on mythic themes/folklore that populate the archetypal strata of the modern technological psyche, hypermedia and our understanding of reality. LINK

Beauty Parlour – Cardiff musician Xavier Boucherat’s ‘Beauty Parlour’ is an ongoing exercise in world-building, incorporating bleak ambience, flooded industrials and the otherworldly broadcasts of Cold War-era numbers stations to summon a landscape in permanent crisis. Forthcoming EP ‘100% Malaise’ breaks with his recent meditative / generative works in favour of bloodied, body-beat rattlers and high-drama industro-wave laments, recalling early, chaotic performances at packed-out house shows. 2019 EP ‘Flattened by Corrupting Waves of Love’ is now ‘Name Your Price’ on Bandcamp, and features the previously unreleased ‘Tender Wavelengths’. Xavier also writes ‘Through The Night’, a (near) monthly newsletter covering weird gigs in South Wales and outsider music from Wales / by Welsh musicians. LINK LINK

ecolagbohrsac2021 ยท Docile Goetica [sharpened faculties of awareness and understanding]

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