18/2/19 – 18/3/19

Listen carefully.

​Lights blink and flicker into life, a malfunctioning lift shudders and wails without you noticing while outside an orange bus rumbles, waiting for a signal.
By recording naturally-occurring ambient sounds and manipulating the built environment to encourage new sounds into existence, Ghostlawns’ Gid Goundrey and Jonny Names engage in dialogue with the empty basement unit housing the Shift arts space.

Recordings are processed and manipulated to draw out the rhythms and aural textures of the building and the activities taking place within, capturing also the sounds and atmospheres formed by other artists’ creative processes. These will be played back to the building, so that it can hear itself for the first time.

Gid Goundrey and Jonny Names will be Shift’s Sonic artists in residence for the next month.

Visiting Shift daily, Gid & Jonny will investigate the spaces sonic capabilities, building a narrative of location by turning Shift into interface & instrument. 

THIS BUILDING IS NOT SILENT will be performed live by Gid Goundrey and Jonny Names, revealing the processes they developed during their residency at Shift.

Live performance 11/3/19 19;30-21:30

This is a sharing of new work and is an open free event.
​If you would like to attend please get tickets here:

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