Jorge Lizalde – artist profile

Tell us a bit about yourself and your practice, how would you describe the work that you make?

I am Spanish artist based in Cardiff. My practice focus primarily on identity and memory themes. Working from photography to moving image, mapping-projection and installation, which have taken big role recently on my work.

​How important is process in informing the content of your work?

All the projects have evolved from one to another theme wise. I do visualise first the final output and how I would like to be presented and then I work backwards resolving the tech and creative problems along the way. Even if sometimes I have to learn a new skill – programming, softwares, devices, etc…. I do love and really enjoy to resolve the challenge and the technicality of it. Other times the inspiration might come from other interests or new technology I am involved or want to explore.

Could you talk about the ideas behind your exhibition 15?

The exhibition was a recollection of different projects I have been working on since I finished my studies 15 years ago.
​Showing the evolution of my work and how I have embraced different technologies which I have been involved with along the way and adapt them to my own practices around the main themes memory and identity.

From more traditional photography to a more complex video projected mapped installation with sound. 
In addition, I exhibited two key and personal objects that cemented the work I have created. First, my father’s camera and my first camera which I got when he passed away and with I self taught photography. And secondly, what I believe is the first conscious picture I took following the rules of photography, a precise memory that I recalled while I was teaching myself photography and recall when making my own pictures to this day.

Away from your exhibition work, you work in commercial photography & video. How does this work inform your artistic output? Are there overlaps between the two practices? Or do you see them as separate work?

Conceptually as well as the design aspect of it are completely different.
Commercially I am more an interpreter of a brief or subject but technically both practices overlap, specially more and more in the last couple of years. For example, I bought a drone to develop my own project Belong but then I finished using for some Video and projection designs for theatre as well as some experimentation with dancers and how that technology can be used on stage and dance performances. Same occurs with projection design and mapping. I have been involved in theatre productions creating video projections and learning the technicality of it and softwares and that process has helped me and influenced how I present my own work to the audience.

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