January 2019 Residencies

We want artists to take control of their process and utilise the space we can offer them. 
We will facilitate the making of new work, the collaboration between artists, the sharing of works in progress, and the conversations that need to happen. Celebrating the creative process not just the end product. We want to promote work that’s made in the space, or made with the space in mind. 
We are offering working bays for short term residencies. During the residencies Shift will work with resident Artists to programme sharing/work in progress event(s) at Shift. 

January’s Artist residents  7/1/19 – 27/1/19

Jodi Ann Nicholson

Jodi Ann Nicholson is a dance artist interested in the construction of the self and identity.
Life experiences have led her to believe that ‘society’ perceives identity as something that is culturally inherited; as an adoptee she struggle’s with feeling at peace with these idea’s. Jodi thinks our identities are also made up of our experiences, our memories and our relationships. When these aspects do not align with our cultural inheritance a displacement occurs with the self and identity. Jodi’s work manifests and explores these ideas through an autobiographical narrative. Movement, embroidery and textile installations give structure to her ongoing interrogation of the question: what makes up our identity?
Jodi wants her  work to provoke the viewer to a place of reflection on these wider ideas of identity for themselves. To lead them to think about their own identity and the experiences, memories and relationships that shape It.
Instagram: @jodiannnicholson_dance_artist  
Twitter: @jodiTrueDynaMix 
Facebook: Jodi Nicholson
Website: www.jodiannnicholson.weebly.com

Twitter: @jodiTrueDynaMix 
Facebook: Jodi Nicholson
instagram: @jodiannnicholsondanceartist
Website: www.jodiannnicholson.weebly.com

Jason Rouse

Jason Rouse is a multi-disciplinary artist creating work exploring conflict, community, immigration and simulation through the skewed view of contemporary internet culture. His work can take the form of computer games, sound, video, paintings and digital objects and is often immediate and reactive.Jason has been shortlisted for the 2018 Lumen Prize for Digital Art and recently received a Wales Art International grant for SWITCHed, an exchange programme between Arcade Cardiff and Galerie RDV, Nantes.
Jason is hoping to use his time in Shift to realise some new work for upcoming exhibitions and experiment with using the large space.
Twitter @sionrouse
Instagram @sionrouse
Website: jasonrouse.co.uk
Blog http://jasonrouse.blogspot.com

Kate Woodward

Kate Woodward has developed her practice as a multi-disciplinary artist since graduating at Glasgow School of Art, Fine Art Photography in 2015. Her practice includes the use of photography, video, sculpture, illustration, poetry and sound. Her core interest is in exploring and visualising the impact humans have on their environment and on each other. As well as exhibiting as part of Cardiff Contemporaries, Made in Roath and TactileBOSCH; Kate has also worked on developing and presenting a range of projects and workshops, specifically targeting inclusivity in art. In collaboration with Disability Arts Cymru and with the help of the Lottery fund and Arts Council Wales funding, she has worked with brain injury patients, disabled charities such as Vision 21 and communities from Cardiff and the Valleys.
Website : www.kaywoo.cargocollective.com
Instagram : @kwoodentop

Jemma Roper

Jemma Roper is a Cardiff-based, female-based, artist and musician with a keen interest in costume and fashion design. During her January residency at Shift, she aims to create a grotto filled with wearable art inspired by dreams and distorted half memories, a place where textile bodies morph into furniture and back again.

Bandcamp: jemmaroper.bandcamp.com
Twitter: @roperama

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