Drifting – Open Call

13/5/19 – 7/6/19

Open call to artists

“An urban neighbourhood is determined not only by geographical and economic factors, but also by the image that its inhabitants and those of other neighbourhoods have of it. The narrowness of the real city in which each individual lives” Chombart de Lauwe

“the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals. A whole toy box full of playful, inventive strategies for exploring cities…just about anything that takes pedestrians off their predictable paths and jolts them into a new awareness of the urban landscape.” Guy Debord

Psychogeography is the method to bring all those scattered images within reach, it enables people to wander freely through space and time with eyes and ears, watching and listening. It examines the influence of physical surroundings on the instinctive behaviour of individuals.

The Artistic practice is a way of recording the Psychogeography of the urban landscape, capturing unique prospectives, using text, image, movement, sound & spoken word to uncover & map the depths of our surroundings, reframing & reclaiming our town & city scapes.

SHIFT is looking for artists to contribute to a Psychogeographic archive throughout May culminating an exhibit of selected works early June.

We are looking for artists to map Cardiff’s Queens street using their artist practice to capture responses to place and space, unburdened by the conventional representation of space and navigation.

Contributions could include:

  • Visual, audio maps
  • Photographic & moving images
  • Artist walks, talks and debates
  • Performances & music

Interested parties should send Artist bio, links to work and a brief proposal.

SHIFT can not offer any financial support but will offer any space available, equipment & technical support that can help to develop works.

Send proposal to: shiftcardiff.resident@gmail.com

Unit NSU7
Capitol Centre
Queen Street
Cardiff, CF10 2HQ

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