Friday 9th December 7:30pm – £8

Australian sound artist Sia Ahmad and Scottish saxophonist Raymond MacDonald reprise their ongoing collaboration in a live setting for the first time since a premiere performance as a duo in Singapore in 2016. With a palette of guitar tones, woodwind textures and delicate electronics, Ahmad and MacDonald explore a boundless sonic environment with warmth and sensitivity. Having collectively worked with the likes of Jim O’Rourke, Liars, David Byrne and Gwenno among others, the duo bring their love of free improvisation, indie melodicism and experimental electronica together for audiences to experience in real time.

Support from Freya Dooley + Rhiannon Lowe

Freya Dooley

Freya Dooley works across media encompassing writing, moving-image, performance and sound. Often rooted in close-range observations and environments, layered soundtracks and fictional narratives expand outwards in scale, navigating their way through divergent subjects ‘My work is concerned with the voice: literal, characterised, live, recorded, spoken, muted, muttered, sung, out-of-sync. I’m interested in leaky thoughts, shared spaces, broken structures, precarious plot lines, forms of entertainment and attempts at connection’.

Rhiannon Lowe

I don’t know who you are, Rhiannon Lowe’, or so said Rich Collins. Ducky, could you read the label, please? Yeh, sure. I’ve made drawings and installations, done a few performances – talks really, but with noise, sound, a bass guitar that I kicked a bit. I sang a little on some, and on sound pieces I’ve made


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