The Thursday Show – A Bi monthly performance platform

‘Are you an artist working with performance? Does your work need an audience? Why not share it at The Thursday Show’ A regular event taking place @shiftcardiff and @tactilebosch & CDC, based at the Capitol Centre, Cardiff.

The Thursday Show is an opportunity for artists working with performance to share their work with a live audience. Whether it’s a finished piece or a work in progress, we want to hear from you. We host performances of any duration, including video and sonic works. We offer a great space, technical support, and an enthusiastic audience. It’s an opportunity to discuss your work with other artists, get feedback, and try out new ideas. 

If you have a piece of work that you want to share, please get in touch, providing us with a brief description of what you want to do, including any elements of your work that might be triggering. (This is not to censure your work, but rather so that we can provide the appropriate warnings to audiences) and up to three images and or website/online links.

Send proposals through to

Happy to answer any questions or queries.

The Thursday Show is a collaboration between tactileBOSCH, SHIFT, and the CDC

SHIFT is a multidisciplinary research & development arts space, offering working space and support for artists to develop artistic practice.