February 2019 Artist Residencies

February Artist Residencies  11/2/19-3/3/19 SHIFT is a multi-disciplinary research & development arts space. SHIFT offers space and support for artists to develop their artistic practice, offering practical support, peer-to-peer networking and opportunities for wider public engagement.We offer short term residencies in a shared environment. These residencies can lead to showing & sharing work within the space, programming … Read more


THIS BUILDING IS NOT SILENT 18/2/19 – 18/3/19 Listen carefully. ​Lights blink and flicker into life, a malfunctioning lift shudders and wails without you noticing while outside an orange bus rumbles, waiting for a signal.By recording naturally-occurring ambient sounds and manipulating the built environment to encourage new sounds into existence, Ghostlawns’ Gid Goundrey and Jonny … Read more